16 Pets Who Love Food More Than You


Sure, we all love some good food and know the feeling of salivating at the scene of a sweet meal, but we’ll never have the same feels as our pets! The jealousy they must feel at seeing and smelling the types of food we get to enjoy must be overwhelming. While it probably isn’t the best idea to feed your pets human food, and we definitely don’t wanna tease them, the expressions and reactions they have are just so precious!

These adorable lil’ fellas make us feel how lucky we are, even for the little things. So let’s have some feel-good moments as we celebrate two of the best things in life: pets and food!

1. Just the cutest little dinner date!


2. So much happiness, but such a fleeting moment…


3. “So, uhhh, are you gonna finish that?”


4. When the ears are tied back, then you know they’re getting down to business!


nom nom nom nom nom nom… okay, what’s next???


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