30 Amazing Scientific Discoveries Confirmed In 2016

2016 wasn’t all bad, we got ahead in science class at least.

1.There are two liquid states of water.

2.Sloths almost die every time they poop (which is only once a week), and it looks terrifying.

3. Scientists have found evidence of a whole bunch of supernovae – when stars explode at the end of their life – that happened in our cosmic neighborhood around 2 million years ago.

4. Ducklings can recognize the concepts of “same” and “different.”

5.It turns out there are actually four species of giraffe, not just one.

6. Earth lost enough sea ice this year to cover the entire land mass of India.

7.Crows actually have enormous and terrifying ears.


8. The first written record demonstrating the laws of friction has been hiding inside Leonardo da Vinci’s “irrelevant scribbles” for the past 500 years.

9.Cloned animals can age healthily – four clones of the original cloned sheep, Dolly, have lived to old age with no obvious long-term health issues.

10.It’s possible to turn carbon dioxide into stone – if you pump it into underground volcanic rocks in Iceland.