20 People Who Asked ‘What Happened Last Night?’ And The Obvious Answer That Followed


As a professional writer, I also dabble as a semi-professional drinker. They kind of go hand in hand.
A wise man once told me, write drunk, edit sober. Luckily, I have an editor, so these rules need not apply. I can also cover my inability to actually spell with that fact that it’s impressive I get so many words right to begin with!
The only downside is the next morning, when I wake up in a panic knowing that another day is upon me, and I have far more questions than answers. Thankfully, with things like Snapchat, you’ll find out. You always do.
So make sure to TAG and SHARE with those drunks in your life that somehow continue to make it through the work week. And remember, they need you to fill in the blanks.

1. You thought you were watching a 3D movie, but it turned out to be real life


2. You took a nap outside and no one was the wiser


3. You pulled an epic prank on the pizza guy but ended up playing yourself


4. You thought you went to the strip club. Honestly, anyone could make that mistake


5. You got the spins, but your pals had your back


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