19 Times Trolls Had The Strongest Text Game


As sure as the sun rises…
As sure as the clouds are made of rain…
As sure as tides go in and out…
There will always be trolls on the planet. They’ll occupy the comment sections on websites. They’ll disagree with you just to piss you off. They’ll make you press the keyboard on your phone SO hard in frustration. They’ll do ALL these things because this is what they’re good at. And in today’s article, we’re paying homage to the text messaging trolls. A special breed of hooligan that has probably cost untold millions of dollars in broken phones from being thrown at and through walls.

Meh. I think they’re pretty funny. Hope you do too!

1. I wish all my rejections were that straightforward


2. Should have followed up with, “…but does it need a dad? I need a hobby on the weekends.”


3. I’d just tell the guy the car got sold. I couldn’t face that embarrassment.


4. That whale looks healthy.


5. This kid has already mastered the dad joke.


6. What are these “Japan things”?!


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