15 Photos That Prove That The Perfect Angle Can Make All The Difference


I’m not big on photos. I do everything in my power to avoid being in them altogether. This is where being tall helps. I’m automatically in the back of every group shot, so I can conveniently hide, and no one is the wiser. When it comes to taking pictures, I’m even worse. “Oh! You’re a complete stranger but can you take time out of your busy life to snap this picture of me and all my friends?” And then they get mad at you when you do a crummy job! Who needs that?

This is where it helps to have a little creativity in your back pocket. You can work the angles to really capture something that was never there to begin with.

That’s where these people come in.
1. When you skip leg day but don’t want anyone to know


2. It’s almost like it’s in 3D


3. What are you feeding him?!


4. The matching shirts definitely don’t help this make any more sense


5. I have no idea what’s going on here


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